People Pattern Power

Your Guide to Business Transformation

Would you like to be one of the leading business people in today's highly competitive world?

People Pattern Power will show you how to redefine the way you do business. Clever sound bytes, the latest web style and speed of light global information pools will no longer be adequate to transition successfully into the twenty-first century. The true key to business growth and prosperity will be wisdom - the wisdom acquired by combining relevant knowledge with purposeful and effective interactions with others to achieve a desired result that benefits both you and the closely linked global economy.

People Pattern Power provides a powerful and effective blueprint which allows business leaders to go to the next level of meaningful influence and rewarding personal and professional achievement.

Success in business is traditionally measured by profits and productivity which depend on people who are happy, motivated, and efficient. For this to happen, people need to be successful in dealing with each other. This is often not the case. Many business people are not successful or do not reach their potential for the simple reason they assume that everyone is like they are and treat them accordingly.

The reality is that people are vastly different from each in ways that we can understand and apply in business.

People Pattern Power shows you you how to do be successful with others by understanding each others Patterns.

About The Authors

Marilyne Woodsmall, Ph M , and Wyatt Woodsmall, PhD, are renowned behavioral modelers, international trainers, and experts in human typological research. For 20 plus years they have synthesized their expertise and research in the areas of performance enhancement, learning and creativity, leadership, management science, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and cultural change.

Known as the experts on experts™, they are the principals of Advanced Behavioral Modeling™, Inc, a consulting and training firm committed to increasing the performance and productivity of organizations and individuals using advanced behavioral science and learning technologies.

They co-created Advanced Behavioral Modeling™ Technology, a behavioral science change technology for capturing, explicating, replicating and transferring expertise They have pioneered its development and application in numerous fields and have designed model-based trainings to increase and maintain high performance levels in high stress situations in private and corporate sectors and in athletic competition The result dramatically increased performance, reduced training time and slashed costs.

The Woodsmalls are also experts inhuman typologies and created the International Research Institute for Human Typological Studies, specializing in research on human difference. They emphasize the connection between human differences and performance and on the shaping of cultures to create high performance organizations and global cooperation.